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A global pioneer in the development of new drugs

SK Biopharmaceuticals is fortifying ESG management to maximize corporate value.

We have established the ESG/Strategic Committee within the Board of Directors and set a goal of discussing at least 3 ESG-related
agendas for each year to rapidly and actively respond to risks and pursue opportunities associated with ESG.
Also, we have operated the ESG Secretariat, which reports directly to the CEO.

Safety·Health·Environment (SHE) Policy

  • Recognizing that Safety, Health and Environment are the basic factors for securing competitiveness in differentiated research activities,
    we strive to continuously improve Safety, Health and Environment outcomes based on our strong execution power through SUPEX.
Application of Policy This Policy is applied to all members, subsidiaries, and suppliers involved in SK Biopharmaceutical‘s corporate activities. Management Organization of SHE SK Biopharmaceuticals operates an ESG/Strategic Committee within the board of directors to promote the internalization of SHE management and its implementation throughout the organization.
Under the leadership of CEO and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), who is appointed as the responsible person for safety and health management, the headquarters establishes and executes safety and health plans.
Furthermore, a dedicated department responsible for SHE management is designated and operated to facilitate the practical implementation of SHE management by SHE professionals.

Safety∙Health∙Environment Management

SHE (Safety, Health, Environment) operates a system, ensuring sound management of drug development
and Safety, Health, Environment.

  • Waste Management
    • Establish waste control process
    • Establishment of Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL) Goal
    • Operate systematically by using RFID tags
    • Manage warehouse for waste storage
  • Chemical Management
    • Establish management for chemical materials and MSDS
    • Conduct regular training of management process
    • Build a system for the evaluation of environmental hazards of APIs
  • Safety Management for All Employees
    • Conduct Annual Hazard and Operability Study
    • Quarterly Operation of the Industrial Safety and Health Committee
    • Monthly Operation of the Cooperative Partner Safety and Health Consultative Body
    • Conduct Annual Emergency Response Training
2040 NET ZERO SK Biopharmaceuticals recognizes climate change adaptation as an essential element of its management strategy and has declared the goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, aiming to reach a net emissions level of zero by 2040.
This declaration is based on the '2040 Net Zero Roadmap,' which was formulated adopting the RCP-2.6 scenario used in the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report. The Roadmap has been supplemented with socio-economic elements using the SSP1-2.6(Shared Socioeconomic Pathways) scenario, as featured in the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report published in May 2022.
Through this, SK Biopharmaceuticals commits to actively participating in achieving low-emission scenarios, limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, and planning and implementing practical mitigation measures.
Achievement Plan for Net Zero
Short-Term and Long-Term Key Initiatives
Indirect Greenhouse Gas Reduction Status (Recent 3-year)
SK바이오팜 온실가스 감축 (표)입니다. 구분, 사업 및 프로그램명, 감축량(tCO2eq), 실적 발생시간으로 구성.
Company Name Initiative Project Title Reduction Amount Performance Period
SK Biopharmaceuticals RE100 (Green Premium Tariff) 447 2021.07 ~ 2021.12
SK Biopharmaceuticals RE100 (Green Premium Tariff) 436 2022.03 ~ 2022.12
SK Biopharmaceuticals RE100 (Green Premium Tariff) 575 2023.01 ~ 2023.12
Environmental Management System SK Biopharmaceuticals is committed to implementing an environmental management strategy with the goal of addressing climate change and minimizing environmental impact.
We strive not only for the well-being of our customers' health but also to contribute to a future society where everyone can live together in good health. We prioritize a sense of purpose that extends beyond the mere legal management of hazardous substances emitted outside our facilities.
We are committed to fulfilling our social role and, in addition to complying with relevant laws, we operate with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact on the local community.
To achieve this, we have established short-term and long-term reduction goals for the proper management of hazardous substances, moving beyond legal compliance to further minimize their impact on the environment in the community.
Short-Term/Long-Term Reduction Goal Roadmap for Environmental Hazardous Substance

1) Short-Term Reduction Goal(~2025)

환경 유해물질 단기 감축목표 (표)입니다. 핵심목표, 2022년 성과, 2023년 계획으로 구성.
Core Objective Performance in 2022 Plans for 2023
· A 1% annual reduction in hazardous
substance emissions by 2025
· In 2022, the generated waste amount was approximately
41.8 tons, achieving a reduction of around 10% compared
to the target of 46.3 tons
· Setting a target of 41.4 tons for waste
generation in 2023, aiming for a
reduction of approximately 1%
compared to 2022

2) Long-Term Reduction Goal(~2035) : Reduction rate of hazardous substance emissions intensity compared to the previous year

환경 유해물질 중장기 감축목표 (표)입니다. 구분, 단위, 2026 감축목표, 2028 감축목표, 2030 감축목표, 2035 감축목표으로 구성.
Classification Unit Reduction Target
Reduction Target
Reduction Target
Reduction Target
Air Pollutants % -44 -56 -66 -80
Water Pollutants % -44 -53 -62 -74
Waste Disposal Amount % -41 -50 -58 -71

※ Intensity (kg/one billion won) =Hazardous substance emissions (kg) / Revenue from products and other sources(one billion won)

Safety·Health Management System SK Biopharmaceuticals recognizes that workplace safety and health issues are critical concerns that can directly result in human harm.
Under the leadership of the Safety and Health team, we hold industry safety and health committee meetings at least once every quarter to actively solicit and manage members' opinions on safety and health matters. Furthermore, we have established an employee and partner company occupational management system to achieve our three-year long-term goals for advancing safety and health management excellence, in alignment with enhancing safety and health management practices.
Roadmap for Advancing Safety and Health Management System
안전·보건 관리체계 선진화 Roadmap (표)입니다. Phase1 (2023), Phase2 (2024), Phase3 (2025)으로 구성.
Classification Phase1 (2023) Phase2 (2024) Phase3 (2025)
Goals for Advancing
Safety Management
· Enhancement of Compliance System
   for the Act on Punishment of Major
· Establishment of a Supplier
   Registration Evaluation System
· Enhancing the Participation
   Environment for Member Safety and
· Establishment of Supplier Selection and
   Evaluation System
· Continual Improvement of
   Member-Driven Safety and Health
   Management System
· Enhancement of SHE Management
   System for Partner Companies
Goals for Advancing
Health Management
· Foundation Survey for Health
   Management System Implementation
· Confined Space Health Program
· Establishment of Health Management
   System Implementation Strategies
· Enhancement of Confined Space
   Health Program
· Implementation of Health Management
   System Policy and Programs
· Evaluation of Confined Space Health
Operation of Safety/Health/Environmental Management System SK Biopharmaceuticals holds safety and health management systems as well as environmental management systems for its domestic and international facilities, including research facilities at its headquarters in Korea. In accordance with international standards, the company conducts regular safety, health, and environmental compliance audits to assess the adherence to regulatory requirements and compliance. These efforts contribute to the continuous improvement of the SHE (Safety, Health, and Environment) management systems.

Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Certification Status

안전보건/환경 경영인증 현황 (표)입니다. 인증명, 인증범위, 취득일, 심사기관으로 구성.
Classification Certification Scope Registration Date Certification Agency
ISO 45001
(Safety & Health Management System)
Headquarters : Development of
new medicine
(Completed 100% : 1 out of 1 site)
2023.5.11 LRQA
(Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance)
ISO 14001
(Environment Management System)
2022.5.23 KFQ
(Korean Foundation for Quality)

Compliance Audit Status for SHE Management

SHE 경영 Compliance 감사 현황 (표)입니다. 구분, 실시 주기, 주관으로 구성.
Classification Audit Cycle Audit Leading Department
Initial Stage 1+2 Initial One-time External Audit Agency (LRQA, KFQ)
Internal Audit Once a year SHE Team
Surveillance Once a year External Audit Agency (LRQA, KFQ)
Re-Certification Once every 3 years External Audit Agency (LRQA, KFQ)

Safety&Health and Environmental Management Certification

  • ISO 45001(Safety & Health Management System)
  • ISO 14001 (Environment Management System)

SK Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy

SK Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (“Company”) is dedicated to complying with privacy regulations in pursuant of applicable laws and committed to protecting your privacy and personal information by setting a privacy policy in compliance with applicable laws. The Company may, in its discretion, amend this Privacy Policy according to changes in applicable laws and management.

1. Collection, Purpose, and Use of Personal Information

The Company collects only the minimum amount of personal information required to provide our services, and the collected personal information will only be used for the purposes stated in this policy. Your personal information is not used for any other purposes or disclosed to an outside source without prior authorization.

  • Purpose of collection : To review customer inquiries, contact customers to verify inquiry, reply, notify results.
  • Collected information : Required : email, name
  • Collected information : Optional : phone number, interests, nationality, company name, profession.
  • Method of collection : Collection through inquiries made through the website’s contact us section

2. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Party

The Company uses the provided personal information only for the purposes stated in Article 1, and does not use your personal information or disclose such information to a third party without prior authorization. However, exceptions are provided if Company receives disclosure requests in accordance with procedures designated by the law. The following are examples of such exceptions.

  • Request that follows the procedure and method designated by provisions of the law
  • Request from investigative agencies that follow the procedure and method designated by the law for the purpose of investigation

3. Retention and Storage Period of Personal Information

The Company immediately destroys personal information a year after achieving the purpose of collection. However, if storage is necessary in accordance with applicable laws, the Company may store personal information for a period of time required by such law.

4. Destruction Procedure and Method of Personal Information

1. Destruction Procedure

  • In the event the Company no longer needs to maintain the personal information such as when the retention period has expired or the Company has achieved the information’s purpose, the Company shall immediately destroy such personal information.
  • In the event the Company is required by other laws to continually store the personal information despite the authorized retention period having expired or the purpose being achieved, the Company shall move such personal information to a separate database (DB) or change its storage location to store until the purpose of its continued retention has been achieved, upon which the Company shall immediately destroy the personal information.

2. Destruction Method

  • Personal information that is printed on paper shall be destroyed by being shredded or incinerated.
  • Personal information that is stored in electronic formats will be destroyed through technical methods in which records cannot be reproduced.

5. Rights and Duties of Information Provider and Exercising Methods

1. You may at any time make the following requests to exercise your privacy rights.

  • Request to access personal information
  • Request to revise information in case of error
  • Request to withdraw agreement/delete information
  • Request to cease operation

2. To exercise the rights stated in Article 5-1, you may state the request through a written statement, email, or fax, and the Company shall promptly execute the request upon receipt.

3. If the Company receives a request from the information provider to revise or delete personal information for any reason including error, the Company shall not use or provide personal information until the revision or deletion is completed.

4. You may exercise the rights stated in Article 5-1 through a delegated figure (“Agent”). However, in order for Agent to exercise the rights of information provider, Agent must submit a letter of attorney completed by the information provider.

5. The Company does not collect personal information from minors in principle. However, in the event that the collection of personal information from a minor is inevitable through 1:1 inquiry, the Company shall seek agreement from a legal representative and immediately destroy the information once the information’s purpose has been achieved or the authorized retention period has expired.

6. Measures to Secure Safety of Personal Information

The Company has established and is operating the following technical and managerial security measures to ensure that the collected personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, falsified, or damaged.

1. Managerial Security Measures

  • The Company has established and is operating internal security plans in regards to privacy.

2. Technical Security Measures

  • Control of access to personal information and limited rights to access: The Company has installed security programs to prevent hackers or computer viruses from leaking and damaging personal information and is conducting regular updates and maintenance.
  • The Company has appointed the minimum number of representatives that have access to personal information and conducts regular internal training sessions. The training of such representatives is held on a strictly confidential basis and the Company prescribes clear responsibilities in accidents regarding personal information to all current and former employees.

7. Contacts of Personal Information Manager and Representative

To protect the personal information provided to us and handle complaints and inquiries from information providers regarding their personal information, the Company has designated the following department and representative in charge of protecting personal information.

  • Personal Information Representative and Department : Wan-ho Nam, SK Biopharmaceuticals Business Strategy Team, Business Management Manager
  • Phone : +82-31-8093-0114
  • Email :

8. Amendment and Notice of Privacy Policy

1. This Privacy Policy takes effect starting July 1, 2018.

2. In the event of any future addition, deletion, revision, and such amendments to the privacy policy following changes in applicable laws or security technology, the Company will notify the purpose and contents of the amendment on the Company’s website at least a week prior to enacting the amended privacy policy.

Date of notice and enactment: July 1, 2018